Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Send text messages (SMS) from Outlook/Exchange 2010

A cool new feature of Exchange 2010 allows you to send text messages from your OWA or Outlook 2010 client.

You will also need a Windows Mobile phone connected to your Exchange 2010 mailbox. WM 6.1 should download an update from the Exchange Server to enable this functionality (I haven’t tested this) whereas WM 6.5 can do this out of the box.

It basically works by syncing the SMS to your phone and your phone then sends it out.

When setting up the partnership between your Windows Mobile phone and Exchange you should see the option to also sync your text messages. Once you select this you will need to restart Outlook 2010 after which it will show you an additional item under “New Items” called “Test Message (SMS)”.

Incoming texts will also land in your Exchange mailbox.

It is worth noting that I wasn’t able to add the SMS syncing after I had created the partnership with Exchange – I had to remove the partnership and recreate it.

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