Thursday, July 15, 2010

Force replication of AD partitions after tombstone lifetime exceeded / emails issues

If a server has exceed the tombstone lifetime (180 days on WS2008 by default), it will cause issues when brought back on the network.
New users, groups… are not synchronized anymore on this server, and it can cause issues with emails sent to these new users.
If the email server can check for the user in the AD against the bad server, emails won’t be delivered.

Run the following on a good dc :

Repadmin /showrepl

Get the GUI of a good DC :

Default-First-Site-Name\GOOD-DC1 via RPC
DSA object GUID: de7429ee-7637-45cb-bbf0-43d17b17831b
Last attempt @ 2010-07-15 12:17:30 was successful.

Then remove objects on the bad DC that not longer exist in the current AD (good DC) :

repadmin /removelingeringobjects bad-dc.mydomain.intra de7429ee-7637-45cb-bbf0-43d17b17831b "dc=mydomain, dc=intra"

Then :

repadmin /replicate bad-dc.mydomain.intra good-dc.mydomain.intra DC=mydomain,DC=intra /force

repadmin /replicate bad-dc.mydomain.intra good-dc.mydomain.intra CN=configuration,DC=mydomain,DC=intra /force

repadmin /replicate bad-dc.mydomain.intra good-dc.mydomain.intra CN=schema,CN=configuration,DC=mydomain,DC=intra /force

This will synchronize the servers for these partitions and you won’t have issues anymore with the accounts of the new users.

But, if the bad DC is planned for a removal I recommend to use the dcpromo /forceremoval method and a metadata cleanup as explained here :


  1. You Sir, are a genius. Well done.

  2. helpful concise summary - i also had to force ForestDnsZones and DomainDnsZones.
    I also found i could not clear all errors until i ran the force each way - referencing the "good" server.

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  4. repadmin /removelingeringobjects bad-dc.mydomain.intra de7429ee-7637-45cb-bbf0-43d17b17831b "dc=mydomain, dc=intra"

    Can you please comment if The above step should be run in bad dc or good dc?